How To Climb Like A Boss

In our four-part series ‘How to climb like a boss’ we chat to Sports Physician and Bicycling’s Scientific Editor Dr Jeroen Swart for mental and physical tips to get to the top of the hill ahead of your mates, or at least to relish the climb rather than fear it.

In the first in the series, we look at how climbing is most often all in the mind!

Lose weight, not power! In Part 2 of our climbing series we look at the all important power-to-weight ratio and the science behind it.

In the third episode in our series ‘How to climb like a boss’, Bicycling’s Scientific Editor Dr Jeroen Swart gives us expert tips, drills and insight to improve your climbing technique. Put these into practice today!

Being lighter means climbing faster. So what’s the deal with banting and a low carbohydrate diet? Is it recommended for cyclists and how does it affect performance? This hot topic is our conversation with Dr Jeroen Swart in episode 4 of our climbing series.

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